MN Valley Mason, Inc

The purpose of this Corporation shall be to promote, encourage, support, foster and develop a system for fraternal gathering of individuals of like minds to share their ideals, thoughts and gifts and to provide those individuals with a positive environment in which to socialize, build friendships and bonds with other individuals and their families; to support and promote the ideals of Free Masonry and not only observe the tenants and principals of Free Masonry but practice them in all of the members' daily dealing with each other and with the world at large; to provide all of our members in their time of need and to aide and assist senior members, widows, and children of brother Masons in their times of need and to aid in our community in its time of need; to engage in activities exclusively for charitable purposes.


Term Ending
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Gerry Robison 
December 2023
Vice- President Paul Bergevin
December 2022
Secretary Jason Bergerson
December 2023
Treasurer Dale Tellers
December 2024
Board Member 1 Dan Ploenzke
December 2024
Board Member 2 Eddie Kidwell
December 2024
Board Member 3 Chad Lane 
December 2023

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