Becoming A Mason

Becoming a Freemason can be one of the most significant events of your life. From the moment you become a Brother, you will feel immediate acceptance and Brotherly love. So where do you begin?


  • Membership in a Masonic Lodge is open to all men 18 years of age or older — regardless of race, color, or religion.
  • Our membership requirements are very clear:
    • You must be of good character and reputation. You’ll have to provide evidence of living a positive life
    • You must believe in a Supreme Being. This belief is not proscribed — rather, we encourage you to be steadfast in the faith of your choice.

The First Steps

Start the process by completing a petition (application) for membership, which you can obtain from the Lodge Secretary, or get from a Mason you know. 

If you don’t know a Mason, just stop by our Lodge building around 6:00 p.m. on either the 1st or 4th Tuesday of the month, and we will be happy to introduce you whoever is there and get you started with your petition.

Our Lodge is located at:

4821 West 124th Street

Savage, MN 55378

The next step is to submit your petition to the Lodge. The petition is read in a Lodge meeting and referred to a committee (usually composed of three members.) This committee then interviews you, sometimes at home, or in the local coffee shop. This is your chance to ask as many questions as you can think of about Freemasonry and the fraternity. In turn the brothers will get to know you a bit and learn about your background.

After the interview, the committee reports its findings to the Lodge, and a secret ballot is taken. If the vote is favorable, you’ll be notified by a call from one of our officers and you’ll be given a date to start the degree program.

More Information

You can also request more information at Be a Freemason and find out more about Freemasonry